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The Highest Quality of construction

50 years of operation

After 40 years we have come to understand the level of effort required to successfully complete the highest quality of construction in Atlanta, GA.

You might find someone cheaper. However, we don’t believe you will find someone who will give you a better experience or build the same quality of home for our price. Managing a large scale construction project is about more than just a hammer and nails. Construction has become more about team work, fiscal management, and time management than ever before. We have nearly 50 years of operation in the Atlanta area. We have been fortunate to work with some of the most successful people in the Atlanta area on numerous unique projects.

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“Thoroughness characterizes all successful individuals and organizations. All great achievement has been characterized by extreme care and painstaking craftsmanship, down to the minutest detail.” — BRODY DERNEHL

Making A Decision on your contractor

qualities to look for

Consider the following questions before making a decision on your contractor: Is the contractor experienced? Is the contractor financially stable? Is the contractor a team player?

Is the contractor organized? Is the contractor trusted by architects? Does he have a schedule? Those may seem like unlikely questions but without those qualities it's doubtful that you will have a successful experience building your new home. Experience, organization, trust, these are all very important qualities to look for in a contractor and their team of experts.

Luxury Home Builders Atlanta


building your perfect home

The worst situations can arise when a contractor attempts to cut corners by working too cheaply. Whether they lack the foresight to properly quote a job, or they just outright scam people with impossibly low prices, these contractors spell disaster for your dreams. Unfortunately this most often leads to bad workmanship, lack of supervision on the project, and unusal financial arrangements that can lead to tragic situations. We don’t take shortcuts at the Dernehl Company. Every step of our process ensures that we keep an eye on the end goal: building your perfect home.


Our standard budget has several hundred different line items to help the client understand where their money is going. This budget is updated throughout the project with actual cost vs. estimated cost. It also includes any changes made by the Owner or Architect and tracks any variance in the market prices for items. We have found this to be an invaluable tool for all parties involved. By tracking your costs in real time we can help you to arrive at your desired level of spending for the project.


the top Architectural design firms

Having been in business over 40 years we have completed projects with many of the top Architectural design firms in Atlanta.


We use up to date technology to track the construction process. This is beneficial in storing selections, keeping track of changes, and having a workable schedule that adjusts as the project progresses.


We like to create a timeline at the start of every project to keep everyone on the same page. This allows Designers and Architects a timeline for completion of selections and drawing details. It also improves performance of subcontractors by giving them predictability on the job.


We take on a limited number of projects in order to ensure we can devote a substantial amount of time to every one of our clients, making sure you get exactly what you want with the highest level of service.

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the best possible product

We work with numerous Architects, Engineers, and Designers to be sure the client receives the best possible product. Our organization during a project keeps everyone informed and able to make the best decisions.


We operate with responsible debt levels. The Dernehl Company also operates with segregated accounts so your funds are never mixed with another project. This keeps your money safe and prevents confusions.

If you are ready to explore the elite world of Atlanta luxury home construction, The Dernehl Company will happily be your guide. Call or message us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards building your dreams with The Dernehl Company.