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Bespoke construction is our forte.

At the Dernehl Company, we consider that it's our job to give you the custom build that you want. Over the years, we've found ourselves creating not only homes and restaurants, but a tremendous variety of custom construction projects in Atlanta that don't fit into a particular mold, or that require significant custom care to be exactly what the client envisioned.

Do we mind if your job is “just a little different”? Or something so different that it's hard to put it all into words? Not at all. If you or your architect can draw it, describe it, or plan it, we can build it. And we'd love to.

Custom Landscape Construction Project by the Dernehl Company

Custom Landscape Construction in Atlanta, GA

This custom landscaping job involved grading land for the stone walls and the heavy timber that built this lawn and seating area, featuring landscape lighting, mountaintop views, and lush greenery.

Custom Lake Construction Project in Atlanta

Custom Lake Construction Project by the Dernehl Company

Your very own, brand-new lake: When a client's vision was to turn a desolate valley into a charming lake, complete with beach, dock and island, the Dernehl Company was happy to take on the challenge.

From designer barns to epic landscapes.

Our custom construction projects are, of course, one-of-a-kind. If you have a unique dream or vision, please call us.

Custom Barn Construction Project in Atlanta

Custom Barn Construction Project by the Dernehl Company

Barn-raising, modernized: This new barn site was placed to have ideal protection from the elements, which included clearing a section of forest to ensure an optimum location. It is a fully functional barn, featuring wood beam construction, eight horse stalls, a restroom, and pass-through hay storage on the top.

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