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Custom Luxury Estates

Let Your Creativity become a reality

custom luxury estates in Atlanta

The perfect home. The ideal location. The unrivaled estate. There are those who settle for an acceptable home in an adequate neighborhood — and those who expect the extraordinary.

For those who indulge in rooftop gardens, glass-walled garages, and multi-story walk-in closets, our custom luxury estates may be right for you. At the Dernehl Company we strive to exceed expectations and to provide the best custom luxury estates Atlanta has to offer. If you've ever wanted a subterranean movie theater right next to an in-home bowling alley, or perhaps a private lounge and spa, you can have it. We take care with every step of our process to satisfy the very limits of your imagination.

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Atlanta Custom Luxury Estate bowling alley
Atlanta Custom Luxury Estates residential movie theater

Grand, Stylish, and Built to Last A Lifetime

award-winning luxury estate builders

Some people are stirred by the extraordinary, the extravagant, and the highly customized. The grander, the better. If you want your home to stand out among other estates, the award-winning Atlanta custom luxury estate builders at Dernehl Company are at your service.

At Dernehl, we never settle for less, and neither do our clients. Our custom luxury estates garner attention for all the right reasons. Built with state-of-the-art materials and master craftsmanship, each residential construction project we take on is unmatched in elegance. Not only do we construct some of the most regal homes, but we also ensure our custom luxury estates in Atlanta are built to last. In other words, we do your property justice so it will look beautiful and you can enjoy it for years to come.

Atlanta Custom Luxury Estate builder

What is a custom luxury estate?

the highest quality

It’s not just the size of your home, but the details that make it grand. A luxury estate is outfitted with modern conveniences and building materials of the highest quality.

The tasteful design is also a must, no matter the style of your estate. It doesn’t take a real estate buff to spot a true luxury home. Exquisite details speak volumes when they are well crafted by a custom luxury estate builder that knows what they are doing. At the Dernehl Company, we specialize in bespoke construction that takes Atlanta’s finest residences to the next level.

International Sourcing of Exotic Materials


Whether your tastes lean toward elaborate chandeliers and Italian marble, or distressed wood furniture and rustic authenticity, we have relationships with suppliers that can source materials from all over the world.

We use our buying power to find the best value for our clients on exotic and one-of-a-kind items and raw materials. Bespoke furniture. Copper fixtures. Hand-cut stone and porcelain tile. Mahogany hardwood floors, volcanic stone countertops, artisanal faucets and rosewood cabinets can all be yours. All you have to do is ask, and our team of designers and craftsmen will do the rest.

Smart Home Automation Atlanta

Specializing in Smart Home Automation

an elevated quality of life

With automated systems becoming an ever-present facet of modern life, we enlist a Smart Home Consultant at the very beginning of the project to ensure an integrated, seamless experience for our clients.

Real-time security monitoring, voice-activated control systems, energy-efficient appliances, and intelligent climate control make for an elevated quality of life, and we have the expertise to make it all according to your specifications.

Custom Luxury Estate Results

bring your project to life

When your estate is ready to be unveiled, our team will walk you (or your house manager) through everything in person.

At the walk-through, we will review all the pertinent details that brought your project to life, from materials to finishes. Our team goes the extra mile even after your project is completed. At the Dernehl Company, you have the assurance of knowing your custom luxury estate not only looks like a one-of-a-kind masterpiece but that it will stand the test of time with proper care. We will provide you or your estate keeper with an owner’s manual that lists all the materials, paint colors, and finishes, as well as maintenance insights.

Is Dernehl the right fit for you?

best-in-class construction

We cater to an elite clientele that demands a best-in-class construction experience. Like your estate, our process is not one size fits all.

Some homeowners want us to take the lead on everything from planning and design without having to lift a finger. Others want to engage in every step of the process, from visiting showrooms to approving each purchase before it goes through. We encourage our clients to take as active a role as they would like in the planning and execution of their estate. At the end of the day, it’s your dream home. We will work with you to ensure the process is an enjoyable one. When you choose to work with the Dernehl Company, we guarantee the following:

Superior craftsmanship

High-end workmanship is our forte. Bob Dernehl and his team have nearly a half-decade of experience in luxury residential construction. It has been our pleasure to work on some of the finest homes and estates throughout the Atlanta Metro area. We are passionate about all the fine details that go into constructing world-class estates such as your own.


Our team takes ownership of everything that happens on the job site. We hold ourselves to rigorous standards to ensure the construction process runs smoothly. That means all contractors that set foot on your property are highly qualified and uphold our standards of excellence. From conception to completion, we take accountability for everything.

Five-star service

As custom luxury estate contractors, we hold ourselves to incredibly high standards of customer service. As our client, you will receive the personalized care and dedication you deserve.

Custom Luxury Estate construction in Atlanta
Atlanta Custom Luxury Estate remodeling

The Custom Luxury Estate Building Process

from design to execution

Our team will meet with you to review your wish list. If you or your architect can draw it, describe it, or plan it, we can build it. With your approval, we outline the full project scope in detail, including cost, deliverables, and a timeline for completion.

We take the time to ensure you are supported throughout the process, from design to execution. It’s your home, and you should feel confident with every material and spec. You can be as involved in the process as you’d like. If you have changes, questions, or requests, we welcome them at any time. When building your Atlanta custom luxury estate, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Our construction process is streamlined to eliminate costly mistakes and adhere to your project’s timeline. We do this by working with carefully vetted contractors who are overseen by a full-time supervisor who is on-site every day. We follow strict guidelines to maintain optimal safety, cleanliness, and adherence to building codes. At the Dernehl Company, no detail is overlooked — and it shows in the finished result.

Start Building Your Custom Luxury Estate The Dernehl Company

award-winning luxury estate builders

We have been privileged to work on nearly 75 of the most prestigious homes and estates in Atlanta. We would love for yours to be next. Contact our office today to start building your custom luxury estate in Atlanta.

If you are ready to explore the elite world of Atlanta luxury home construction, The Dernehl Company will happily be your guide. Call or message us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards building your dreams with The Dernehl Company.