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It’s the details that matter. The Dernehl Company goes the extra mile to ensure your luxury home design project is built to impress.

For a home that stands out among the rest, a special touch from Atlanta’s luxury home designers at the Dernehl Company is the key. Our high-end home design team has won awards and received recognition from regional magazines for creating A-List properties that are both tasteful, thoughtfully detailed, and customized to perfection. Don’t trust your luxury home design to just anyone. We have nearly a half-century of experience in designing luxurious residential properties that garner attention for all the right reasons.

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What Is A Luxury home design contractor?

Exceptional design

Luxury home design is not limited to a certain style. At the Dernehl Company, our residential design team will work with you to craft a home that fits your refined tastes, whether that involves a traditional, modern, or transitional design scheme.

Regardless of the type of home you wish to construct, all our finished properties share something in common: Exceptional design, striking details, and workmanship that is built to last a lifetime. Ordinary homes are for other people. Our clients at the Dernehl Company demand excellence. Atlantans have a reputation for superior taste, and we strive to match it. At Dernehl, our Atlanta luxury home design team and high-end contractors are visionaries who are responsible for crafting nearly 75 of the grandest estates and fine residences across the Metro Atlanta region. We would love for yours to be next.

Luxury Home Design Atlanta

Benefits of hiring a luxury home designer

take your property to the next level

If you own a luxury estate in Atlanta, you have made a worthy investment. Now it’s time to take your property to the next level.

At the Dernehl Company, we ensure that your high-end residential design project is in the hands of a contractor that does your property justice. As luxury contractors, we go above and beyond the call of duty to provide a best-in-class construction experience for even the most discerning clientele. Customization is our bread and butter, and that includes everything from residential design planning to customer service. Paired with a passion for artistry, 40 years of contracting experience, and an eye for design, we create exquisite luxury homes in Atlanta that are fitting for our high-net-worth clientele and their families.

Is Dernehl The Right fit for your high-end residential Construction Project?

the home design process

At the Dernehl Company, we don’t just customize homes. We tailor the luxury home design process to fit your needs.

Some homeowners want to take part in each step of the process, from visiting tile showrooms to approving each purchase order before it goes through. Others prefer for our luxury home designers to take the lead on everything, from planning to material selection and building, with minimal involvement. We encourage you to take as active a role as you prefer in the design of your estate. After all, the process should be just as enjoyable as seeing the finished outcome of your project.

Atlanta Luxury Home Design

The Luxury Home Design Process

During your consultation to design your luxury home Atlanta custom home builders at Dernehl will actively listen to ensure our team has a clear understanding of what you hope to accomplish.

Next, we answer any questions you might have and propose suggestions that fit your vision. We then get to work mapping out an initial design plan. Your feedback is welcome at every stage in the process. It is our pleasure to make any changes you’d like to see. With your stamp of approval, we finalize everything, down to materials selection and finishes. It’s much easier to make these decisions with a knowledgeable design contractor on your side. Once labor is underway, we manage all the details so you don’t have to. We have systems in place for both quality control, timeliness, and workplace cleanliness to ensure your project is finished smoothly, from start to finish.


executed to perfection

Once your luxury home design vision is executed to perfection, you will receive an owner’s manual that outlines all the finishes installed in your home.

This includes all materials, appliances, and paint colors selected for your project. Our team also works with your house manager to be sure they understand the care and maintenance considerations for your new home and all its components. We guarantee that you’ll be awestruck by the results and that our workmanship will last for decades to come.

Call Now to Speak With Our Luxury Home Designers in Atlanta

artful design

At the Dernehl Company, we believe artful design is just the start.

It takes an experienced high-end residential contractor to craft a home that will remain beautiful and finely built for years to come. Call our office today to see how we can take your home to the next level.

If you are ready to explore the elite world of Atlanta luxury home construction, The Dernehl Company will happily be your guide. Call or message us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards building your dreams with The Dernehl Company.