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landmark Atlanta theater

For this landmark Atlanta theater, formerly known as the Roxy, the Dernehl Company built an addition consisting of a new green room and a series of dressing rooms.

The remodel also involved fully rebuilding bathrooms and conference rooms, as well redoing all the ornate trim work featured above the stage and on the walls of the theater. Both bars were completely re-built of cherry wood, and the floors were all redone as well. We also fully restored the seating and acoustical treatments. At the Dernehl Company we strive to provide the best custom commercial construction Atlanta has to offer. Click to learn more about our custom construction in Atlanta.


4,500 Sq. Ft.


William Harrison
Harrison Design Associates


15 Months

Atlanta custom commercial construction Buckhead Theater Remodel
Atlanta commercial construction Buckhead Theater Remodel
Atlanta commercial construction remodel of the Buckhead Theater

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