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Atlanta supper club

This unique Atlanta supper club, reputed to be the most authentic jazz nightlife experience in Atlanta, was originally built in the 1970s by Bob Dernehl. In 2001, it burned because of an accident with a space heater. In spite of the damage, we rebuilt it from Bob's memory to be identical to the original design.

This was necessary because the plans themselves were in the restaurant office when the fire occurred, and the architect who drew the plans had passed away. Bob led a team to completely rebuild the restaurant, with people working literally around the clock to enable the restaurant to reopen as fast as possible — and completed it ahead of schedule. At the Dernehl Company we strive to provide the best custom construction Atlanta has to offer. Click to learn more about our custom construction in Atlanta.

Dante’s has been featured in many magazines, including Where to Eat in America, Atlanta MagazineBetter Homes & GardensHouse & Garden MagazineWall Street JournalForbesNewsweekTown & Country, and ZAGAT.

Recently, the New York Times had this to say about Dante's: "For more than 40 years, Dante Stephensen has manned the decks of this jazz supper club, part of an entertainment complex built around the illusion of a well-rigged 18th-century schooner tied to the wharf of a mythical Mediterranean village. The interior is a mix of antiques and nautical kitsch. There are many intimate seating areas, but the most romantic spot is a semi-enclosed private "cabin" on the lower deck, where a trio plays traditional jazz 6 days a week." If you are visiting Atlanta, don't miss Dante's Down the Hatch.

Atlanta custom commercial construction Dante's Down the Hatch
Atlanta custom commercial construction rebuild of Dante's Down the Hatch
Atlanta commercial construction Dante's Down the Hatch
Atlanta commercial construction rebuild of Dante's Down the Hatch

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