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Traditional Brick Custom Home
in Atlanta

Brick Traditional custom rebuild in Atlanta

the Dernehl Company

When their home was struck by lightning, this family was devastated. The wooden structure and the interior of the home was destroyed.

A custom rebuild by the Dernehl Company not only restored the home, but gave the homeowner a beautiful addition that increased the home's size by 50 percent. The family was ecstatic to receive expanded family space and a dream kitchen out of the ashes. At the Dernehl Company we strive to provide the best custom brick traditional homes Atlanta has to offer. Click to learn more about our luxury custom home builders in Atlanta.


6,300 Sq. Ft.


9 Months

Custom Traditional Brick Home in Atlanta
Custom Brick Home in Atlanta
Atlanta Custom Brick Home
Atlanta Brick Home Rebuild
Atlanta Traditional Brick Home Custom Rebuild
Atlanta Custom Rebuild Brick Home
Traditional Brick Home Rebuild in Atlanta

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